Room Parents

Below is the list of 2018/2019 Room Parents.  If you need to get in touch with your room parent, please email

Mrs. McKee Marta Malviiya
Mrs. Grin MariBeth Arendt
Meg O’Neil
Ms. Kast Libbie Anders
Kathy Tyron
Mrs. Frayer Courtney Weiler and Dana Parent
 Ms. Johnson  Emily Fill and Kris Renker
 Mrs. McLain Kristy Orsini


Mrs. Sarjeant  Beth Marin and Deb Sears
Mrs. Day  Emily Collins and Emeline Kemp
Mrs. Eggert  Katie Lummen and Tamara Wurl
Mr. Morris  Megan Freudigmann
Mrs. Griffith  Adrianne Braun
Mrs. Goodman  Gloriana Zimdar
Mr. Saunders  Samantha Cornell and Shannon White
Mrs. Tinholt  Erin Winkel
Mrs. Froehlich  Liz Gohel
 Allie Schellhammer
Mrs. Sawade  Tova Sanders
Mrs. Miller  Lisel Meijer
 Shellie Adamy
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